Impact of Education on Family Size: A Comparative Study of Educated and Uneducated Families in Moradabad District




Impact, Family size, Education Growth, Educated, un-educated, how to enhance education ratio


India being a developing country has many problems; no doubt, among them the most crucial single problem is the increase in population, which has serious implications for a human beings in both the short and the long run. Now, it is universally recognized that excessive rates of population growth ultimately hamper the progress of mankind of the whole world. Too rapid population growth seriously hampers efforts of raising living standards, further education, improving health and sanitation, providing better housing and transportation, forwarding cultural and recreational opportunities - and even in some countries assure sufficient food. In short, the human aspiration, common to men everywhere, to live a better life is being frustrated and threatened. Thus, the present paper tries to study and explore the Impact of Education on Population Growth (family size) that contributes to Educated and Uneducated families in Moradabad District, and the result shows that there is a significant difference between the Educated and Uneducated families in Moradabad District. The findings were discussed with a view to stipulate recommendations for improvement to increase awareness and education to control population growth.


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