NEP-2020: A New National Highway For The Youths Of India




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‘Change, the law of nature, is the only constant of life’ so none and nothing can remain aloof from it’ such is with the policies of the nations of the world be they belong to foreign policies or economy policies or education policies. So far as the thing is concerned with the education policies of India whether it is Macaulay’s ‘Minute On Indian Education of 1835’ or ‘The first National Policy On Education of 1968’ or ‘The New Education Policy of 1986’, or ‘ Program of Action (PoE) of 1992, under the National Policy on Education’ or ‘NCF (National Curriculum Framework) 2005,’ all of them have often been objected on various grounds from time to time as being out of fashion and being unable to fulfill the need of time and place. This is why ‘The Union Cabinet Of India’ has recently replaced the previous NPE of 1986 with/by the NEP-2020 with a comprehensive framework from elementary education to higher education as well as vocational training in both rural and urban India. Although rural India is highlighted as the soul of India resides in the countries, urban India is not neglected yet. NEP-2020 has a broad outlook, visions-provisions, and missions for various people and various things. In this chapter, with these points, an attempt has been made to present what the special things are for the youths of the country; what the things are going to make them special, and how it is a new national highway for the youths of the country to run on and on.


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