Dhamma, Buddhism & Ashoka : An Analytical Study





Career, Buddha Dhamma, Art and Architecture, Inscription


King Ashoka was the greatest emperor of the Mauryan dynasty. He was great protection of Buddhism, art and architecture. This article is about to cover the life of King Ashoka, how he follows and spreads the teachings of Buddhism and dhamma. There were many great emperors in Indian history who inscribed their names in the golden letters of history and Ashoka was one of those rulers. Many writers have analyzed the life and career of King Ashoka but this article tries to analyze how he (Ashoka) started his career and achieved success. It also emphasizes the law of King Ashoka and the protection of art and architecture in his area. This article also seeks to discuss the protection of King Ashoka’s Buddhism. He sent his own son and girl to Srilanka to spread Buddhism.


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