Antiquities of Pratihara Sculptures with Special Reference of Kannauj




Kanyakubaja, Mahodyanagar, antiquities, society, culture, sculpture, religious, folk, depiction, inscriptions, archeological, excavation, tolerance, observation, warrior, entertainment, Shalbhanjika, Markandey Purana, Aprajitaprichha, Gopath Brahman


Kannauj is one among the most ancient place of India having rich archaeological and cultural heritage. The ancient name of Kannauj is Kanyakubja or Mahodyanagar.  Kannauj is also known as the main place of war in the 'Tripartite Struggle' between the Gurjara Pratihara, the Palas and the Rashtrakutas. This war ultimately ended in favour of the Pratihara ruler Nagabhatta IInd. They made the city the capital of the Pratihara State, which ruled for nearly three centuries. Under the Pratiharas, Kannauj reached the zenith of its power, learning and culture.  The entire sculpture obtained from excavation of Kannauj presents an excellent outline of society and culture of Pratihara Period. The sculptures found in the excavation can be classify under the different categories -1 Religious sculptures, 2 - Related to folk life sculptures, 3- Sculptures related to animal- birds and nature, which reflects the religious and supernatural life of Pratihara Period.


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