Status of child sexual abuse in India with reference to 2022




Child, Childhood, Society Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, Inhumanity, Crime, Law Against Sexual Exploitation


The most valuable stage of human life is his childhood; this is the time when the craftsmen of the country or society sculpt the childhood of these children with high human values ​​so that they can be made to build a better future for the country and society. These children are the golden future of our society, country, and childhood is the period that paves the way for this golden future and this is the period which is most sensitive where these children expect a very sensitive attitude and behavior from family and society. That is why children are called the heritage of the nation because the children are the most vulnerable group in the society. Therefore they need special protection and care, they are the victims of various abuses in the society, and one of the main ones is child sexual abuse or child sexual abuse. Some perverted mentality and ill-tempered people in the society use children for sexual pleasure; this is a gross inhuman crime which is most fatal for children because it is not only physical but also mentally and emotionally serious to the children. Child sexual abuse is an inhuman act and is a serious problem for the country and the world. In order to stop the sexual abuse of children in India, the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act 2012 was passed by the Government of India, which has provisions for severe punishment, but when we look at the increasing cases of child abuse today, it appears that Enforcement agencies' interest in the implementation of this law is negligible, making laws and enforcing law effectively, both are different things. We saw the case of gang rape in Unnao and Kathua, which makes us see the insensitiveness of the government machinery. There is a need to strengthen the legal provisions to prevent child sexual abuse in a sensitive manner and focus on their successful implementation. This study reviews the issues related to child sexual abuse in India, studies the factors responsible for child sexual abuse, it also critically analyzes the existing legal framework. The study has also been done as well as the focus has also been on the new amendments of the POCSO Act. What are the shortcomings in the legal provisions, what are the shortcomings in its enforcement, the attitude of government agencies and their sensitivity has also been studied in the research paper and this study also focuses on effective measures and methods to prevent it.


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